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Adult Savings

Saving with a Credit Union is convenient and secure. You can save weekly, monthly or intervals that suit you, saving as little or much as you can afford.

We have various ways in which you can deposit funds into your account: cash, cheque, standing order, payroll deduction. For more information visit our Payment Methods page above.

Benefits of saving with the Credit union are: 

Our Four adult savings accounts are:-

The main reasons for this is:-

Credit Unions use members savings to lend to other members, so it's only fair that if you take out of the pot then you contribute however small back into the pot and it helps to contribute to the growth of the Credit Union's

Savings are a good thing to have, but not all of our members save, so we find this is a good way to encourage this.

The current payment amounts are:-

Loans up to £500 either £1.00 per week or £5.00 per month

Loans between £501 - £1,500 either £2.00 per week or £10 per month

Loans over £1,501 either £3.00 per week or £12 per month.

Please note that Attached Savings can only be accessed once the loan has been repaid. You can then choose to withdraw your savings, leave them as a nest egg or use them to access a cheaper secured loan.

 Savings Example

The tables below give examples of how regular savings can soon add up!

Save per week £2 £5 £10 £20 £25
Year 1 £104 £260 £520 £1,040 £1,300
Year 2 £208 £520 £1,040 £2,080 £2,600
Year 3 £312 £780 £1,560 £3,120 £3,900
Year 4  £416 £1,040 £2,080 £1,460 £5,200
Year 5 £520 £1,300 £2,600 £5,200 £6,500

 So why put it off? Visit our Members Area today and you could be saving straight away!

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